The Ultimate Guide to 80s Dress Up Games

Playing 80s dress up games is the ideal way to travel back in time and experience the decade's vibrant fashion trends. The 1980s were a decade full of memorable fashion statements, including leg warmers, neon colours, and iconic hairstyles. We'll delve deeply into the world of 80s dress up games in this in-depth guide, covering everything from the latest fashions to how to throw the best party with an 80s theme. Let's go back in time, so turn on your favourite 80s playlist, tease your hair, and let's go!

Unveiling the 80s Dress Up Games Phenomenon

The Fascination of 80s Fashion

The 1980s were a decade of eccentric fashion choices and a spirit of risk-taking. Fashion icons who weren't afraid to make a statement helped define the era, from Madonna's lace gloves to Michael Jackson's red leather jacket. You can experience the fun of dressing up in recognisable looks in 80s dress up games and capture the spirit of this unforgettable era.

Why 80s Dress Up Games Are Making a Comeback

The 1980s are enjoying a renaissance in popular culture thanks to nostalgia, which is a strong force. The vibrant and distinctive fashion trends of this era appeal to people of all ages. Playing 80s dress up games gives you the chance to relive this nostalgia and honour the style and music that made the era famous.

Getting Started with 80s Dress Up Games

Building Your 80s Wardrobe

You'll need the appropriate attire if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of 80s dress up games. Start by searching vintage shops for items or looking at online stores that sell retro clothing. Such things as acid-washed jeans, oversized blazers, and graphic t-shirts are to be found.

Iconic 80s Accessories

Accessories played a crucial role in 80s fashion. Consider adding items like chunky jewelry, scrunchy socks, and Wayfarer sunglasses to your ensemble. Don't forget the essential element: the perfect 80s hairstyle, complete with hairspray and a crimper!

Makeup Magic

Makeup was edgy and dramatic in the 1980s. To achieve the iconic 80s look, experiment with vivid eyeshadow, bold blush, and glossy lips. You can find a tonne of tutorials online to assist you in perfecting the 80s makeup look.

Hosting an Epic 80s Dress Up Party

Setting the Scene

Transform your space into an 80s wonderland. Decorate with neon colors, posters of 80s pop icons, and disco balls. Create a playlist of hit songs from the era to set the mood for your party.

Costume Contest

Encourage your guests to embrace the theme by hosting a costume contest. Offer prizes for the best 80s-inspired outfit, the most authentic hairstyle, and the wildest accessories.

Games and Activities

Incorporate 80s-themed games and activities to keep the party going. Consider a dance-off to '80s hits, a trivia quiz about the decade, or a karaoke session featuring iconic '80s songs.

FAQs about 80s Dress Up Games

What are some popular 80s dress up game ideas?

  • Characters from 1980s films Be a famous 80s movie character, like Marty McFly from "Back to the Future" or Princess Leia from "Star Wars."

  • Pay homage to musical greats like David Bowie, Madonna, and Prince.

  • TV Show Cast: By dressing as characters from shows like "The A-Team" or "The Golden Girls," you can embrace your inner '80s TV star.

Where can I find authentic 80s clothing and accessories?

You can hunt for vintage pieces in thrift stores, explore online vintage shops, or even borrow items from family and friends who may have kept their 80s fashion treasures.

How can I create the perfect 80s hairstyle?

Look for online tutorials that guide you through the process of creating the iconic 80s hairstyles. Don't be afraid to use plenty of hairspray and embrace the volume!

What's the best way to apply 80s makeup?

Watch makeup tutorials specifically focused on 80s makeup styles. Experiment with bold colors, heavy eyeliner, and contouring to achieve the desired look.

Are 80s dress up games suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! The 80s have a timeless appeal, and people of all ages can enjoy dressing up and reliving the fashion and music of the decade.

Can I host an 80s dress up party on a budget?

Yes, you can! Thrift stores offer affordable options, and DIY decorations can help you create a fantastic 80s atmosphere without breaking the bank.


A journey through time and fashion can be had by embracing the world of 80s dress up games. The 1980s have a distinct charm that never fails to enchant, whether you're attending a themed party or just looking to have some retro-inspired fun. So get your leg warmers back out, crank up the boombox, and start the 80s fashion extravaganza!